Hijabi Lifestyle Launch Giveaway

Welcome to our new lifestyle blog for Muslim women!

In order to help promote the launch of the blog, we are giving away the following items to one winner:

The rules of the giveaway are as follows:

  1. Comment below and tell us what you would like us to write about.
  2. Like our Facebook Page.
  3. Share our Facebook Page on your wall.
  4. (Optional) E-mail us at hijabilifestyle1@gmail.com if you would like to join our team!

Fill out the contact form below to ensure your entry.  All winners will be contacted via e-mail and chosen randomly.  The giveaway is only open to the US and ends on August 15, 2013 12 a.m. EST!

10 thoughts on “Hijabi Lifestyle Launch Giveaway

  1. Could you please carry out research regarding halal make-up products. I have recently been trying to practice clean living in every aspect of my life. I have heard many rumours about lipsticks and lip glosses containing gelatine. I really feel a feature like this will help you gain an audience Insha’Allah. I look forward to reading your future posts.

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  3. I love your post on hijabi maternity wear…I had to attend my brother’s wedding while in my 7th month, so I can relate to the difficulty in finding something comfortable and yet formal as well! I love what you chose to wear. I would love to see posts regarding modest fashion finds and your experiences as a muslim mom in the US.

    • Assalamu’alaikum Nura!

      Thanks! Both are topics I am definitely going to be writing about, Insha’Allah! I remember when it was so difficult to find modest clothing, but Subhanallah now there are so many Muslim fashion lines out and there are even tons of options in the non-Muslim shopping scene, too. I hated shopping at one point because I would get so frustrated. Now, I am really starting to enjoy the “search” for the perfect modest outfit. And as this is my first baby, I definitely will be sharing my experiences and would love your input too 🙂

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