Maternity Wedding Outfit

Now that Ramadan is over, it seems everyone is trying to fit in their weddings before the summer ends!   I have two weddings that I have to attend and in my 35th week of pregnancy – you can say I am the least bit excited.
There is no way I am fitting into an evening gown with this tummy, so I have spent the last two weeks trying to put together an outfit that is elegant and formal enough while allowing me to be comfortable at the same time.
When I first saw the Victoria’s Secret Knife Pleated Maxi dress online, I was in love!  The pleats are elegant and roomy enough to fit my belly and the dress came in both short and regular lengths.  The cardigan, shoes, and accessories are key to taking this maxi dress from casual to formal.  I ordered a matching hijab from HauteHijab to complete the look, but they no longer had the image up on their site.  My favorite items are the sequined flats that will keep my feet from swelling up through the night.  I will post the finish look the day of, Insha’Allah!
Let me know what you think in the comments below!
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Victoria’s Secret knife pleat dress / Mango beige top / Rose gold flat / Lori’s Shoes loris shoes / Chain necklace / Marc by Marc Jacobs engraved jewelry / ASOS belt

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