Baby Girl – Birth Story

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Last month, I was blessed with the arrival of my beautiful baby girl, Masha’Allah — reason for the lack of posts.  Here is her birth story.

I held my breath while they pulled her out…nervous and eager.  My eyes filled with happy tears and my heart pounded with joy as the sound of her cry filled the quiet room.  Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah – my mind focused on thanking Allah swt for the first sign of a healthy baby.

I heard the doctors call my husband over to cut the umbilical cord.  He refused to even think about it every time I mentioned it prior.  But it was different now.  He was different now.  I listened as they cleaned her up and handed her over to him. He spoke to her with a shaky voice overcome with an unconditional love, a love neither of us felt before until now.

He brought her over to me and gently placed her on my chest. My beautiful baby girl was finally in my arms. Mashallah. Words fail me when I think back to that moment. I was consumed by her. How can one not have faith when witnessing this miracle? Allahuakbar.

This is what I choose to focus on from her birth. If you would like to hear my experiences from what took me to the hospital and labor leave a comment below.

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