Caught Up Being a Mom


I tried…I swear…I tried to keep up with the blog while being a new mom.  My apologies for the lack of posts.  I just NEVER imagined I would NEVER have any free time EVER again.

Don’t get me wrong.  Motherhood is amazing and I would give up everything for my little munchkin, but it’s one tough job, Alhamdulillah.  I could go on with all my excuses – breastfeeding 24/7, entertaining, cooking, cleaning, sleeping – but I will spare you.  Just know…I am back – Insha’Allah!

My beautiful little girl is four months old now, Masha’Allah, and things are beginning to finally settle and there seems to be some sort of a crazy schedule, Alhamdulillah.

My little munchkin.

My little munchkin.

I am bursting with ideas for posts and other exciting features.  And if anyone is interested in guest posting or becoming a permanent member of my blog team, feel free to shoot me an e-Mail at

Here are some things to look forward to:

  • Motherhood/Parenting
  • Getting Rid of the Pregnancy Weight
  • Maternity/Nursing Fashion
  • Tons of Reviews

I think that’s more than enough to get things rolling again.  I decided the best way to keep things consistent is by having a posting schedule.  I plan to post every Tuesday and Friday for now, Insha’Allah.



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