HauteHijab Review

HauteHijab, you have stolen my heart!

photo 1

My Haute Hijabs!

The past few years I was pretty out of touch with the expanding hijab fashion scene back home in the states and Europe/Australia as I was living in the Middle East.  Nonetheless, I was not completely clueless about the new companies popping up and could not wait to try them out once I moved back.

One issue I always ran into during my hijab shopping trips was the lack of quality.  I would be looking at hijabs right in the store and could see the threads coming out around the edges.   Or I would buy scarves from H&M and Forever21 knowing they would snag.  Yet, I made exceptions and I am sure many of you have too because there just were not enough options out there.

Alhamdulillah for companies like HauteHijab.  I started with one hijab from HauteHijab and in a matter of two weeks ended up ordering two more.  Now, I have their app – love that they have an app. It notifies me as soon as new collections are up (just bought three today – eek, my husband’a going to kill me!).

Three words that come to mind immediately are:  professional, quality, and chic.


The website is easy to use, appealing, and simple.  The layout is well organized allowing you to get a good idea of the hijab’s look without having to click on each picture.  Not only is shipping free but it is super fast too.  Customer service got back to me the same day when I wanted to make a quick change to my order.  Two thumbs up for making my shopping experience so awesome!

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Now onto the hijabs.  The three hijabs I have shown are the fifth avenue wrap, the midsummer nights wrap, and the houndstooth forever wrap.  All of these prints can also be purchased as a square scarf if that is your preference.  The hijabs feel comfortable, strong, and high quality.  I love that some prints have a chiffon finish and others have a satin finish.

My only wish is that the wraps were a bit larger for more coverage the way I wear it.  Good news though, my wish is coming true!  I just saw today there will be bigger sizes for both wraps and scarves soon.


The designs of the hijabs are absolutely gorgeous!  The designers at HauteHijab are doing an incredible job producing prints that are keeping with the latest trends, colors, and seasons.  They feature hijabis in their Spotted Club wearing HauteHijab on their blog and on Instagram providing you with tons of styling ideas.

Overall, I cannot say enough good things about HauteHijab and I really have no complaints.  I have no doubt that I will be a life-long customer, Insha’Allah.  I love to support Muslim companies and I highly recommend you try them out if you have not already.

All of the hijabs were purchased by me and all the opinions expressed are my own.